When you hire a cheap solar contractor, you may save on initial costs, but you may pay the price for your frugality when leaks in your roof resulting from low quality solar panel installation cause water damage to your house.

The same is true when you buy a cheap solar system. You may save money initially, but the unit will degrade over time and you will miss out on savings you could have otherwise accrued by producing energy using better quality solar equipment.  There have been multiple news stories covering the damage caused by cheap installations due to water egress into critical components such as the isolators on every roof.  Roof isolations are one of the requirements set out by the CEC to ensure a safe isolation for emergency services on rooftops.  It is critical that a quality and skilled installation takes place to ensure that these problems do not occur. 

Solar Panel Warranty

When you purchase quality solar panels from This is Solar, you receive a warranty of up to 25 years with your package. This means that if something goes wrong with your solar panel during its natural lifespan, we will replace faulty components at no additional cost to you.

In addition, This Is Solar offers 5 year workmanship warranties, and will provide whatever support is needed for warranty claims beyond this period.  We will ensure you have a hassle free solar experience.

Quality Solar Panel Installation

Our experienced team of contractors are all licensed and certified and perform any solar panel installation in Sydney.

This is solar only employs experienced contractors who will check your house properly before beginning your solar panel installation. We will ensure that the shingles on your roof are secure, that the racking which supports each panel is fixed firmly to the roof and that all electrical wiring is insulated and installed correctly.

In the instance that harsh weather conditions cause something within your solar panel setup to come loose or become faulty, your 5 year solar panel warranty will cover the cost of the damage completely.

Quality Solar Panels

This is Solar only supplies high quality solar panels manufactured to the highest standards. Our premium solar panels are constructed from high quality materials which makes them efficient and durable throughout their life span. We are a Clean Energy Council approved retailer and member and enjoy partnerships with several regulators and providers of high-quality solar panels. This ensures our products are compliant with the strictest manufacturing regulations and are built to last.

Customer Service

In the event something is faulty with your premium solar panel system, you can contact our customer service representatives who will employ a quick and effective solution. If a component needs replacing, we will call out to your location within three days* to evaluate the problem and switch out broken components with high quality replacements.