A solar inverter is the ‘brain’ of your solar system. The system converts direct current (DC) energy produced by photovoltaic cells into alternating current (AC) energy, which is used by household appliances when they are switched on. Any surplus power that is not consumed by the household is either directed by a solar inverter to a battery or fed back to the grid from the inverter for a feed-in tariff.

Solar Inverter Brands

Bondi Solar Energy provides premium solar inverters from a range of well-known tier 1 brands, including:

We will provide the recommended options and product for your household’s energy needs after performing an analysis of your energy consumption patterns. Smaller residential solar system will, in many cases, only require a single (string) power inverter. Larger systems typically have microinverters. We design custom solar solutions for both residential and commercial applications and always uses high quality solar inverters that meet our customer’s needs.

Types of inverter systems

There are 3 basic types of inverter systems. These are microinverters, power optimiser systems, and string systems.

Microinverter systems

These systems are ideal especially for medium to larger systems. Each panel has its own inverter and these are connected to AC (alternating current) in parallel. This means that the different panels can produce their own unique capacities, and everything they produce can be used.

These systems are also usually the easiest to expand. The main downside is that the electronics are typically more exposed to the elements since they are connected directly to the panels on the roof.

String or single inverters

These are generally for smaller installations. All power generated by the panels is directed in a single series or string to a single inverter, which converts the electricity from DC (direct current) to AC. The benefits of single inverter setups are their relatively lower cost and for relatively easier maintenance of the electronics. The downside is that the overall system output is limited by the solar panel that is producing the lowest amount of power. Whatever the output of the lowest producing solar panel, that is what the system will output. Keeping the panels clean is much more important in a string array.

Power optimiser

These systems use a single main inverter like the string systems, but individual panels have their power output optimised independently through additional electronics.

The main downside of this system is that expanding the system may be more complex, require additional main inverters, and the cost of expanding may be higher. String and microinverter systems tend to be more common than power optimiser systems.

Solar Inverter Warranty

Most solar inverters come with a 5-year warranty. Bondi Solar Energy provides a 5 year warranty on all our solar inverter products. This gives you the peace of mind that comes with knowing any faults within your system during its natural lifespan can be remedied by our contractors at no additional cost.