This is Solar specialises in all residential and commercial solar panel design and installation. We are accredited by the Clean Energy Council and supply only high quality premium solar panels to our customers.

We provide a comprehensive solar panel design service that is tailored to your home or business’s energy consumption pattern. We will recommend a high-quality solar system comprised of solar panels, solar inverters and batteries that will supply enough power to your building to power all of the lights, heating and cooling and appliances.

We give you a choice of brands and products to choose from as part of your solar panel design package. Depending on your average energy consumption we will recommend specific products to cater to your needs. We will calculate the amount of available sunlight as part of a pre-installation inspection and deliver a solution for every budget.

Our contractors always perform high quality solar panel installations to ensure safety, durability and efficiency at all times throughout your solar systems lifecycle. Cheap installations can often result in holes in the roof of a building. This can lead to water damage which can trigger structural issues, lead to termite infestations and black mould. All these problems are expensive and time consuming to repair. When you employ This is Solar, you are provided with assurance of a high-quality solar installation by our contractor’s experience, certification, and licenses.

This is Solar always ensures that Small Scale Technology Credits (STC) are passed on immediately and deducted from the upfront cost of your solar system. STCs are provided by the Government as incentives for home and business owners to feed in surplus renewable energy to the grid. STCs are calculated according to the size of your system and address. Essentially, the larger the system, the bigger the reward. After installation of your solar system, the credits are signed over to the installer who will pass on the savings to their customer when the invoice is delivered.